What our Clients Say

I have had the pleasure of working with Patty as production partner on Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Annual Meetings for 4 years. Patty’s creativity, spirit, dedication and collaborative good will are unparalleled. She is a master at honing in on a meeting theme and finding just the right phrasing to communicate the message. She is one of the most talented audience motivators I have worked with. Her ability to teach while entertaining is a marvel to watch. I have often wished she were available on the speaker circuit as I would relish bringing her in to work with other clients. In short, Patty has it all... talent, determination and an unfailing good humor.

Henry Seidner

Patty has been a client of mine for years. We have partnered to develop coach programming, as well as topics for presenting at the local SHRM chapter and Pittsburgh Tech Council. Patty was an expert panel member for a Coaching Event that I facilitated in partnership with the Pittsburgh Technology Council. The feedback received was really positive and Patty in particular was singled out as a coach who really understood the role of a coach, what it takes to support a coaching client, as well as someone who understood how it applies to organizational readiness. Her ability to coach individuals 1:1 and her broad business understanding of how that can apply and be effective in an organization makes her a unique partner, and very valuable to a team. She lights up with the idea of helping clients achieve their goals and that positive view of development gives others the encouragement to tackle, often times, very stubborn issues around behavior change. Patty has integrity, honesty and strong intuitive skills; the backbone of great coaching. A coaching culture is vital to success of organizations and we need more business coaches like Patty to support our evolution!

Brenda Vester, Partner/VP, Strategy at THRIVE

Over the past 2 years, coaching with Bill Beard has been monumental in making strategic business decisions. I can say with confidence, without coaching I would not have been able to catapult my business to 200% growth in a years time. I strongly urge anyone contemplating coaching to give it a try and begin reaping rewards of your hard work in business!  

Trey Moeder

CEO, ForeverLawn Mile High

Extremely talented is how I would describe Patty. I had the pleasure of working with Patty for three years at Dick's Sporting Goods on various leadership and departmental projects. I was always impressed with Patty's ability to understand her audience and effectively communicate to them. I also enjoyed her sense of humor. Any business team/department would be lucky to work with Patty.

Aarthi Murty

I was anxious about an issue that had many different and complex parts to it. I had not been able to move through my thinking regarding the issue to some type of action or plan. Patty helped me organize and break down the complexity in my situation which allowed me to figure out how to manage it and move through it to a successful resolution. Without Patty's help I wouldn't have been able to accomplish a positive outcome. I probably would have stumped through the whole thing day by day!


In the 3 months I worked with Patty I was  able to identify what brings me career satisfaction and started a blueprint to get me to my goals.  Through our work on my personal brand, I not only course corrected my career but it helped me learn things about myself that I can change and or exploit to be the person I really want to and can be.


The best part of having Patty as a coach was the absence of judgment for my shortcomings.  She helped me understand things that I knew but never acted on, and the process helped me to recognize many various issues I had. I am now more aware of how my professionalism is being seen, and I have improved on my ability to control my emotions.

Nicole Humber

Bill's temperament and coaching style, coupled with his business knowledge and experience across many industries, makes him a great coaching fit in so many situations. I can be completely transparent about my business and myself without judgement. Bill helps capture the core of a challenge or opportunity, and then walks me through possible options and solutions that I can then act upon.

Mike H.

Austin, Texas

I have been working with Patty for the past 6 months. do not think I would have achieved the same goals at the speed I have without Patty's coaching because there is more accountability to myself with the regular check ins and someone to bounce ideas off creates a great way to keep progress moving. Patty is super encouraging and keeps my overall goals top of mind.

Rebecca Kane

I have had the pleasure of working with and for Patty for the last 8 years. She is a fabulous coach and mentor with a strong focus on her team and her craft. She is a talented leader and facilitator and is experienced in not only leadership and professional development but change management, team effectiveness and coaching. Patty has a way of empowering you to be your best self. During a coaching session, Patty would use her coaching techniques to help me talk through challenges that seemed overwhelming and daunting at the start, but by the end of the session I always felt a renewed sense of direction and focus. I always left with a plan of action and confidence.

Amy S

Over the last 2 years Bill has been incredibly understanding about my abilities to succeed in life. We have developed a great relationship and trust that I am very honored to have. Everything we have addressed and "set to do" has been accomplished with far more success than I anticipated in in the first place. Coaching has shown me goals that I never really knew I wanted/needed to accomplish. I value our coaching relationship as it is accountability when things get tough, it is a guided path when you come off, and it is the push you need when you’re just about there.

Ry Torhan

Bill brings to his coaching an amazing ability to truly listen. He has helped me sift through my thoughts and work through conflicts by hearing my true voice behind the noise and helping me hear myself better. As a result, I have gained much clarity about the blockages I have created on my path. Bill's empowering approach combined with his compassionate coaching presence has given me the confidence and the much needed thrust to identify and take action on my next steps towards solutions. E.K.


I have worked with Bill over the past 3 ½ years and I feel that my business wouldn't have grown as consistently without our coaching relationship. Bill is always helpful, wonderful to work, is a great sounding board, and helps me come up with strategies to help grow my business and develop my personal action plans. He is very open minded, empathetic to my situations. and listens to help me grow my business.


Patty is genuine, professional, and intelligent. Because of her experience, she is able to see organizations from a broad and narrow perspective. And, she has the rare ability to bridge the two together. Patty will help you reach your goals. If you have the opportunity to engage her, do not hesitate.

Michael B Ross, CEO/Owner, Mainstream Leadership Network

I have worked with Bill since 2010 and he has outstanding leadership and coaching skills. He understands how to relate to various personalities and to motivate them to achieve their highest results. I would definitely recommend Bill as a coach to help you in business and in relationships.

Traci V.

Bill brings an incredible amount of knowledge and personal experience to his coaching practice, which, combined with his practical but compassionate style, helps clients to feel both supported and encouraged as they pursue and embrace the changes they desire. Bill is truly dedicated to helping his clients to connect with their divine purpose and to create amazing relationships in both their personal and professional lives.

T Mundo

Bill's thought provoking questions will lead you to understand what beliefs, habits etc. are keeping you from moving toward your goals. I highly recommend Bill for anyone who is in transition or wants more out of their company's performance or personal performance.

T McShea

Bill is one of the best coaches I've ever met. He sees people better than they see themselves, and he's able to specifically show his clients their strengths and shortcomings. His clients have tremendous success in both their personal and professional lives. If you hire Bill, you will experience transformation.



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