Patty has been a client of mine for years. We have partnered to develop coach programming, as well as topics for presenting at the local SHRM chapter and Pittsburgh Tech Council.

Patty was an expert panel member for a Coaching Event that I facilitated in partnership with the Pittsburgh Technology Council. The feedback received was really positive and Patty in particular was singled out as a coach who really understood the role of a coach, what it takes to support a coaching client, as well as someone who understood how it applies to organizational readiness.

Her ability to coach individuals 1:1 and her broad business understanding of how that can apply and be effective in an organization makes her a unique partner, and very valuable to a team.

She lights up with the idea of helping clients achieve their goals and that positive view of development gives others the encouragement to tackle, often times, very stubborn issues around behavior change.

Patty has integrity, honesty and strong intuitive skills; the backbone of great coaching. A coaching culture is vital to success of organizations and we need more business coaches like Patty to support our evolution!